Wednesday, 15 July 2015


I have not been updating this blog nearly as often as I should. This will change in the next two or three weeks hopefuly. It is in no way due to lack of material, precisely the opposite as I have hundreds of images still to file let alone scan. A flat move and work, amongst other demands on time have precluded updates.

Meanwhile here are a couple of vintage views to whet the appetite for further postings. Both are images from 1938. One showing Whitby before the tourist invasion of the post war years and the other a model village that is unidentified. If anyone can help with a location I would be grateful.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

At the Bottom of the Column, London 1926

Trafalgar Square in August 1926. A rare Autochrome PLate of London in 1926. This has been cropped from a damaged original as Autochromes are fragile and susceptible to fungal damage. This one had extensive fungal damage which is irreversible. This is one of the earliest colour photographs of London and is part of an extensive collection of Autochromes tthat came to light in 2013.

In this image we are looking towards the corner of Northumberland Avenue and the Strand. Two buses are seen in the background. This scene has not changed much in nearly ninety years since it was taken. The lions still stand sentinel at the foot of Nelsons Column and people still gather and use it as a meeting place. 

The Lions are seen in more detail in the lower image on what looks like a bitter winters day in the early 1950s.